This major update has been in the works for many weeks. We took user feedback from the early beta launch and revamped the backend and frontend to support the advanced capabilities you need in an IT services marketplace.

We want to give every firm or agency the ability to showcase the stuff that makes their practice great and unique. So we are expanding our provider profiles to promote your team, your services, your successes, your locations and a lot more to come.  We added the first of a list of new features based on your requests. Now we have the right foundation to continue building the best online marketplace for IT firms.

This release added the Roles feature. Roles let new clients find you by the specific roles that your team performs. That may be a Project Manager role, a JavaScript Developer, or a Security Engineer. Providers can share their role titles, descriptions and (optionally) their team members that perform each role. Roles are a great way to showcase your team without publishing each team member’s information.

Thank you for helping build the Badged community! Watch for our new website coming out soon, and new feature releases on our platform.


Release Summary:

  • Added Roles feature
  • Updated profile management pages
  • Updated provider page design
  • Automated badge verification requests and ticketing integration
  • Google maps integration
  • Team sharing of messages and documents
  • Additional service categories
  • Added team member profiles to provider pages
  • Added titles on team member cards
  • Improved profile image scaling
  • Significant updates to the data model