Professional Certification Badges

Badge Issuer: Product Manufacturers, Software Vendors, and Independent Certification Organizations

Badged verifies for the marketplace a professional’s certifications from supported organizations.

The verification process utilizes the process established by each organization. Some organizations publish the information publicly, others have a user-initiated verification system or a digital certificate system. In some cases we contact the organization directly for verification.

Requesting Verification

Verification Process:

  1. Search for the badge under the Badges section of your organization profile
  2. Select the badge to add it to your profile. Verifiable badges will display a Begin Verification link
  3. Click Begin Verification to bring up the verification request form
  4. Complete and submit the form. A Badged agent will contact you if more information is needed.

Badged Verification Process

We will receive email notification according to the issuer’s verification process.

Badged will match the badge certificate to the your Badged user identity.

Badged will match the issuer’s badge to the badges in your professional profile.

Badged will check the expiration date of the badge.

If the verifications pass, Badged will set your badge status to Validated.

Badged will send email notification to you when complete.

Badged will retain records of the validation performed.

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