Vendor Partnerships and Specializations Badges

Badge Issuer: Product Manufacturers and Software Vendors

Badged verifies for the marketplace that an organization is an authorized partner and their approved specializations for supported manufacturers and software vendors.

The verification process utilizes information published by each vendor.

Requesting Verification

You do not need to enter each of your vendor partnership and specializations before requesting verification.  Badged will add the badges that the vendor lists on their partner site for your company.


  1. Search for the vendor under the Badges section of your organization profile
  2. Select your partnership to add the badge to your profile.  Verifiable badges will display a Begin Verification link
  3. Click Begin Verification to bring up the verification request form
  4. Complete and submit the form.  A Badged agent will contact you if more information is needed.


Badged Verification Process

Badged locates your company in the vendor’s partner directory.

For each supported vendor partnership or specialization, Badged will add the badge to your profile and set the status to Verified.

Badged will send email notification to the requestor when complete, or if more information is needed.

Badged retains records of the validation performed.

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