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Some IT services clients require their service providers to be a corporate entity.  The Verified Business badge lets clients quickly screen for registered businesses. The badge is issued by Badged to services firms that are registered corporations in the US.  This includes C corporations, S corporations, and LLCs.

The requirements for the Corporation badge are:

  • The business must be a registered US corporation or LLC
  • Must be a business in good standing with the Secretary of State where registered
  • Badged is able to verify the registration and good standing

The issuance of the Corporation Badge confirms the Badged Verification Process was performed as documented.  It is not a guarantee of the corporate status and does not guarantee against changes in corporate status or of notification of changes in status.  Individual clients may have their own partner requirements that differ from the badge requirements.

Requesting Verification

  1. Verify your policy meets the coverage limits required.
  2. Add the Verified Business badge to your organization profile
  3. Click the Begin Verification link to open the verification request form
  4. Verify your Organization Name matches your registered business name
  5. Submit the form.  A Badged agent will contact you if more information is needed.

Badged Verification Process

Badged checks with the Secretary of State for the matching corporation name and status as an active company in good standing.

Verification checks:

  • A record of business registration from the official state website or Secretary of State
  • An active company
  • A statement or certificate of good standing

The Corporation Badge is be issued if all validations pass.

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