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Eric Lehto

Founder & CEO

An advocate for the partner economy, Eric is the founder and CEO of Badged, an online marketplace and platform for IT services firms.

He is a veteran of the IT services industry and has led teams to build a series of successful IT practices from the ground up — networking, hybrid cloud, managed services, and security. He was previously the CTO and Director of Technology for MSN Communications, a top regional IT firm serving the western US (acquired by TDS Telecom).

The need for the Badged platform came from Eric’s experience building practices.  He and his colleagues found that technology was changing too fast for internal practices and personal referral networks to keep up.  They needed an online community of trusted IT partners.  Eric started the Badged project to solve the problem.

Eric is based in Denver, Colorado. He holds a Computer Science BS degree and Cisco CCIE Emeritus certification.

Will Jeansonne Picture

Will Jeansonne

Director of Business Development

Will is leading our customer acquisition and partnerships. Will is also the founder and CEO of IT Specialist Network, a strategic partner of Badged with a global social network for IT professionals that now exceeds 500,000+ members. The company’s core mission is to help IT professionals find and obtain the technical information and tools they need to succeed on the job and in their professional development.

Will is a veteran of the IT professional services industry having worked in the field of information technology for well over 25 years as both an entrepreneur and independent consultant. Will received his MBA from the University of Maryland and has written several books on IT training and certification.

Melodie Reagan


In addition to providing marketing leadership for Badged, Melodie is the CEO and owner of Crazy Good Marketing (CGM). CGM is a national, full service offline and online marketing agency that delivers crazy good results. We are a team of seasoned employees, free agents and partners that enable CGM to bring together all the right talent, seasoned in all the right ways, to quickly deliver on your marketing needs. We become your marketing team. With your flexibility and genius talent, we always keep it fresh and cutting-edge, and you can count on high performance.

Badged Marketing Team

Benita Samuels – Sr. Marketing Specialist
A lifelong marketer, Benita has successfully helped spark conversations between brands and their customers, and developed programs that establish and nurture engaged user communities. Backed with insights from data and analytics, Benita is passionate about crafting strategies that enable effective, targeted communications that drive awareness and enthusiastic interaction.

Vlad Shlyahovoy – SEO/SEM Specialist
With seven years of experience in SEO, he has worked on over 350 projects over a multitude of industries. He has brought search engine marketing results to small business clients, large financial corporations and everything in between.

Katherine Kosta – Sr. Web Developer
Katherine has over 25 years of graphic design and web development experience. She understands the importance of content delivery and how it relates to the construction of engaging sites.

Andrew Groustra – Social Marketing Specialist
Andrew is a creative digital marketing specialist with experience in social media marketing, newsletter development, and digital brand and advertisement design. He has run online campaigns for both B2B and B2C organizations, using targeted social media and web advertisements to drive traffic to their websites and products/services.

Alia Einstein-Diez – Sr. Content Creator
Alia has spent over 11 years as a content creator, producer, and writer for companies across the country and internationally. She worked as a TV producer on over one hundred shows for the Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, and HGTV.

Liz McAteer – Web & Graphic Designer
Liz is a passionate and enthusiastic graphic designer that brings a vast array of both in-house and freelance design experience to the table. She is a problem solver, trend setter, and strategic thinker. She has the ability to strategically develop a big picture plan, while having a keen eye for detail.

Joel Georgia – Videographer & Photographer
Joel brings a diverse and valuable skill set through his seven years of experience writing, directing, filming and editing high production value content for music videos, documentary films, adventure sports, and corporate and product videos.

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