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Badged Platform Release 0.18-4-10

This is another big one, but this time for display updates instead of backend processing.  Users will see the first of several new features that showcase the unique capabilities of the Badged platform.

NEW! Pro Cards are a new way to present professional profiles.  Previously, we enabled users to create their own personal profiles.  Pro Cards let organizations create profiles for any of their team members.  You can optionally associate users with a Pro Card to inherit user profile information and badges while limiting which information you want to share. Pretty cool!  You can also associate your professionals with their roles to promote your teams as well as individuals.  Now you control everything about how your team is marketed!

As always, huge thanks to all those who gave us the input and feedback on these features!

Release Summary:

  • Added Pro Card front end to abstract professional profiles from user profiles
  • New organizations serializer improves Org/Provider edit, view, and summary
  • Changed serializers for: projects, messages, search results
  • Added Pro Link feature to optionally connect Pro Cards to user profiles
  • Enhanced badge model for Pro Cards
  • New search spinner
  • Added cards back to provider profile
  • Change badge styling to be responsive
  • Various style and layout tweaks
  • Fixed Microsoft browser support



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