About Badges

Developing trust and transparency is core to the Badged mission. Badges help communicate trust, especially when they have been independently issued and validated.



We support three types of Badges:

Badges issued by Badged

Badged issues badges to individual professionals and organizations for meeting certain qualifications, such as minimum insurance or incorporation. Badged has a process to validate these badges, and we identify them in the Badged platform with the Badged logo next to them.

Badges issued by third parties

We verify badges issued by product manufacturers, software vendors, industry organizations, or others to certify organizations, individuals, or service offerings. Badged has a process to verify over 500 of these badges. We identify verified 3rd party certifications with a blue badge.

Badges issued by users

Any professional or organization owner can create their own badges for unique qualifications, certifications, specializations, or company partnerships where a third party badge is not available (yet). Users can create professional or organization badges specific to their industry and practice. These badges are gray to clearly show they are not verified.

About Badge Verification

Each verified badge has a documented process for the user to request verification and a process we follow to verify the associated certification.Our users save time and can quickly evaluate and onboard partners since the verification has been done in advance.

A verified badge confirms the Badged Verification Process was performed as documented. It is not a guarantee of the associated professional’s status or organization’s status.

Badge verifications are performed at a point in time.  A user or organization’s status may change after a badge is verified.  We update badge status if we are notified of the change, but can not guarantee the status is current.

Badges do not meet every client’s partnership requirements.  Individual clients may have their own partnership requirements that differ from the badge requirements.

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