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Badged Partners with ITSN

GOLDEN, Colorado – May 9, 2018 - Badged announced today a new strategic partnership with IT Specialist Network, a leading operator of online communities for IT professionals. Both companies address the top challenge in professional services today.  A recent study of...

Badged Platform Release 0.18-4-10

This is another big one, but this time for display updates instead of backend processing.  Users will see the first of several new features that showcase the unique capabilities of the Badged platform. NEW! Pro Cards are a new way to present professional profiles. ...

Badged Platform Release 0.18-3-24

This release enhances our badge management and updates our APIs under a common paradigm for consistency, testability, and reusability.  Most of it is invisible to users, but users will notice a few bug fixes and minor modifications to views. Release Summary: Replace...

Badged Platform Release 0.18-1-29

This major update has been in the works for many weeks. We took user feedback from the early beta launch and revamped the backend and frontend to support the advanced capabilities you need in an IT services marketplace. We want to give every firm or agency the ability...


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